Pet Boarding In Orangeville


Pet Boarding In Orangeville

Welcome to Carissima Kennels! We are Canada's number one source for show-quality German shepherds.

For decades, we've been raising beautiful and healthy dogs on our gorgeous 106-acre farm located near Orangeville, Ontario. Our dogs enjoy the very best care from people who genuinely love dogs.

We're thrilled to announce the opening of Carissima Kennel's new pet resort. We offer a variety of luxurious amenities that your dog can enjoy while you are away:

- Your dog will love exercising and playing on our extensive farmland.
- Our boarding suites come in two different sizes so your dog will feel comfy and cozy regardless of breed.
- Our team loves dogs, and we are dedicated to giving your dog the time of its life.

For your dog's safety and the safety of all our dogs here at Carissima Kennels, your dog must have up-to-date immunizations before your first visit. Please contact your veterinarian for a proof-of-immunization form to bring with you.

We encourage families to bring blankets and small toys from home - especially ones that have your scent on them. This will help your dog feel more secure. We do require that you bring an ample supply of the food your dog usually eats. All dogs have sensitive systems, and a change of food could make your dog feel sick.

We can't wait to meet you and your dog! Call today to schedule your dog's first visit for pet boarding in Orangeville.