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Carissima Kennels Pet Resort

Here at Carissima Kennels, we've been known for years as the best source in Canada for purebred, high quality German Shepherds. We are proud to announce that the excellent care that we provide to our own dogs is now available to your dog as well at our new dog boarding facility.

Quality Care You Can Trust

Our extensive experience caring for the dogs we breed makes us the perfect choice to care for your dog while you are away. Your dog will enjoy excellent care from people who love dogs in addition to the beautiful scenery at our 106-acre farm located near Orangeville, Ontario. We know that dogs need room to run and exercise, and we provide plenty of opportunity for your dog to have the experience of a lifetime.

We have two different suite sizes available so you can choose the one that is perfect for your dog's needs. Our 10 x 6 suite and our 20 x 20 suite. These spacious accommodations give your dog the right amount of room to be comfortable while still providing a secure place to rest and sleep.


We require that you show proof of your dog's up-to-date vaccination record at your first visit. Following the initial visit, we will require updated records to be shown on a yearly basis. Bordetella shots may be given either intranasally or by injection. Your dog must receive intranasal Bordetella vaccination at least three days prior to boarding with us. Injection of Bordetella vaccination must be done at least 14 days prior to being boarded. For more information about Bordetella and other vaccinations, please contact your veterinarian.

Items to Bring

Please bring your dog's own food with you in a hard container along with any special items needed for feeding and any medication your dog is currently taking as well as instructions. A sudden change of food can be difficult on your dog's sensitive system, and we want your dog to be happy during its stay with us.

We have our own feeding bowls and water dishes, so it is not necessary to bring these. Also, we do not give out pig ears or rawhide treats, so please do not bring these along.

We welcome toys, small blankets, and items that have your scent on them. These help your dog feel more at home and can work wonders in case of homesickness.

Bring along a copy of your dog's vaccination records, including Bordetella information.

Preparing to Board Your Dog

If your dog has never boarded away from home before, you can take steps to make the transition a bit easier -- for both of you.

It's important for you to be calm and relax. When you choose to board with Carissima Kennels, you can trust that your dog will be in good hands. Dogs are very sensitive to your emotions, and if you're nervous, you can bet that your dog will be as well. Let your dog know that there is nothing to worry about, and the drop-off will go much smoother.

Make a list of any special needs or concerns about your dog. If your dog gets a nervous stomach in new situations, please let us know. We also want to know if your dog has allergies or is scared of loud noises.

While you may be tempted to linger during the drop-off, a quick drop-off will make the goodbyes easier for both you and your dog. You are welcome to check on your dog during its stay with us.

Call us today for more information about boarding your dog at Carissima Kennels.