Dog Boarding Orangeville


Dog Boarding Orangeville Ontario

At Carissima Kennels, we love dogs. We've been breeding show-quality German shepherds at our beautiful location near Orangeville, Ontario, for decades, and we're widely considered to be the best source in Canada for these stunning animals.

Now, your dog can experience the same admiration, respect and dedication we have for our dogs during a stay at our pet resort, a top-notch boarding facility. During your dog's stay with us, your pet will be able to take advantage of our comfortable and home-like boarding suites, which are available in two different sizes to suit the needs of a range of breeds, as well as our 106-acre farm, where your dog can run and play and enjoy plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Our long experience raising and caring for our German shepherds has made us experts in what dogs want and need to be healthy, and we're committed to providing these for your dog while you are away. Your dog is a member of the family, and we respect that.

We do have a few requirements for the safety of your dog as well as the other dogs that are enjoying our facility:
- Your dog must be up-to-date on vaccinations, and we will require proof of vaccination prior to your pet's first visit.
- You will need to bring a sufficient supply of the food your dog eats at home. Sudden changes in diet can make a dog feel ill, and we want your dog to enjoy the time at our facility.
- We recommend that you bring small toys or blankets, especially ones with your scent on them, so your dog will feel more at home.

We can't wait to meet you and your dog! Call today to arrange a visit or schedule a stay for dog boarding Orangeville Ontario.