Maintaining Your Dog’s Weight


Don’t think that just because your sleek and beautiful German shepherd comes from the finest most superior German bloodlines, that it can’t end up becoming as obese as any other dog.  A dog, just like it’s human, can be subjected to too many goodies made from too many unhealthy ingredients, thereby ending up with a weight problem.  Of course keeping your dog sleek and slender involves more than simply taking it easy on the treats.

What’s in Your Dog Biscuit?

Did you know that some soft treats for animals contain ingredients similar to those found in antifreeze?  You did know, did you not, that antifreeze is deadly to dogs?  So, why do they put it in there?  Ask them!  It is not a necessary ingredient for any kind of food, whatsoever.  Does it act as some type of preservative to keep the treat fresh and soft? Probably.  Are there other things that could and should be put in its place?  Absolutely, positively, without a doubt yes!   What’s really scary is that there has seemingly been a rash of recalled dog treats, in the recent past, that you need to be aware of.  Pull up your favorite search engine and enter ‘recalled dog treats’ if you had any doubt as to whether or not you may have had or may still have any of these recalled dog treats, in your home and are furnishing them to your beloved four-legged companion.  These treats are capable of doing far more than just making your pet sick… They can be deadly.

Walking Your Dog Is Good for Both of You

With the human obesity problem running rampant, there is no reason why both you and your dog can’t benefit from daily walks.  Take your dog out in the backyard and throw a ball or Frisbee withthem.  Take your dog jogging with you.  As long as your dog is on a leash, there’s no reason why the two of you can’t romp and play together, in the great outdoors.

Of course, you will have to keep an eye open for no pet signs in some of your city’s or town’s parks, and you always want to make sure that you carry a couple of plastic bags, for when your dog does what it is that he’s actually supposed to do on that walk, besides exercise… but all of that aside, that walk can and will be the highlight of both your days, if only you will let it.

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