Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Treats?

If you think that there is no such thing as too many treats for your dog think about what happens to you or any other human being, that eats too many treats.  Bad teeth, bad skin and obesity.  All of these can be the same problems that your dog can be plagued by, as a result of too many treats.  Particularly to many of the wrong kinds of treats!  That’s why pet food makers are now investing all sorts of money, in the creation of healthy dog treats.

Does a Dog Need A Treat to Feel Rewarded?

Many obedience dog trainers do admit to using very small treats, as the positive reinforcement, during their dog training sessions.  Some change over from a small treat to praise from there, knowing full well that all our dogs want is to please and be praised.  Yet other trainers never utilize treats and rely solely on praise and approval.  There is nothing wrong with giving your dog small treats during training.  Coupling it with praise, so that you don’t always need a treat is a smart move, however.  A dog will seldom say no to a treat, but neither will it say no very often to petting and praise.

Does Size Matter?

The size of the dog doesn’t matter and neither does the size of the treat, as far as whether or not it can be too small.  The tiniest little treat will suffice, no matter how big your dog is. They know they’re getting something good and that’s all they really care about.  What’s in the treat, however matters. Always check the ingredients in your pet’s treats, because some of the soft treats contain a substance comparable to some of the same ingredients found in antifreeze.  In case you didn’t get the memo, antifreeze is deadly to dogs.

Just as a human being’s life can be shortened by health problems, resulting from eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods, your four-legged family friend for a lifetime can have its life cut short, by the seemingly well-meaning action of feeding it too many treats.  Learn how to say no and learn what kind of treats are okay, when you do say yes.

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