Traveling Long Distances With A Pet

No matter how much you feel your dog may possess a super character, even the best behaved animal can have issues with traveling – particularly when it involves long distances.  It can get so bad for some animals in fact, that they have to be medicated or the entire ordeal will simply be too horrific either for them or their traveling companions.

You Have a Car Seat, Your Dog Has A Crate

To make it easier on both the dog and the others in the car, many dogs travel better crated than they do roaming around the car.  It’s also not safe for dog to roam around the inside the car, anymore than it is for your child to be crawling around inside the car, when you’re driving.  Harnesses that clip to a seat belt are available for dogs, if your dog doesn’t do well in a crate or if you like having them next to you.  It is essential that you disengage an airbag, if your dog is riding in the passenger sea,t because the airbag itself can kill your dog should it go off in an accident.  For smaller dogs there are also a type of booster seat that still contain the harness and seat belt clip, so that the dog can see out of the window comfortably.

Things To Remember About Traveling With The Dog

Remember that just like you, your dog is going to have to stop to relieve himself occasionally.  If your dog is nervous about traveling, this may need to be done on a more frequent basis.  Be careful what you feed your dog before leaving, because giving it to many liquids will cause it to have to relieve itself more often.  If your dog has digestive problems, you want to make sure you don’t feed them anything that will cause more problems, because dogs with gas or diarrhea in a car is never a good thing – not for the dog and certainly not for you or anyone else riding in the car.  Make sure that you have a strong leash, so that when you take the dog out of the car to relieve itself, it will not get away from you and run back into traffic or at other dogs or people at a rest stop.  Do obey the rules at rest stops and only walk your dog where the signs permit.

Always check with your vet, before packaging your dog up for an airline flight.  You may prefer to take the extra time to drive rather than subject your dog to the trauma or you may just choose to medicate the dog to make the whole trip easier.  If you do fly with your dog and want to have it somewhere other than baggage, you must check with the airline first.

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