Teaching Your Dog Obedience Skills

No matter what kind of dog you prefer, you can’t deny that some dogs simply take to training better or more quickly than other dogs. German Shepherds, for example not only have incredibly super character, but they are quick to catch on, when it comes to potty training, obedience training and tricks.  Possibly this is one of the reasons that they are the preferred breed for the canine police force.  They are also exceedingly protective.  Strangely enough, as protective as these dogs are they are also perfect with children, thanks to their previously mentioned character, temperament and steadfast devotion and dedication.

Training Your Dog Yourself

As if potty training wasn’t hard enough, there are any number of things that you should instill in your dog that are of the utmost importance.  Sit up, lay down, speak… All handy little commands.  However, ‘stay’ is an extremely important command, as is ‘come’.  You’re going to need both of those.  Some people like to train their dogs completely and totally on their own, while others prefer to go to obedience school with their dog and learn the basics of proper training techniques.  There are a plethora of training techniques, when it comes to animals.  Many of them however start out with positive reinforcement and go from there.  If you have even the slightest doubt as to how to train your dog then obedience school may not be such a bad idea.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to receive good, quality training, for both you and your dog.

There Is No Such Thing As a Bad Dog… Just Bad Owners

Unless there was a problem with breeding somewhere down the line, dogs are not born bad.  They are not born to fight with other dogs or attack humans.  The dog is a product of its breeding, surroundings, training and upbringing.  Spend lots of time loving your dog and training him with positive reinforcement and you will raise a loving and devoted animal. Beat your dog, starve him, antagonize him and ignore him for long periods of time and you will not have a well-adjusted, nicely behaved animal.  If there are children in the house, this becomes undeniably important.  You cannot have a child in a house, with a dog that is less than patient or doesn’t quite know how to handle unintentional harassment, by a child who doesn’t know any better.

If you are rescuing a dog from a shelter, you will want to make sure ahead of time that the dog has some kind of training and is okay with kids, if kids are in the house.  If you have another pet, the dog is going to have to be all right with other animals and you always want to check out the shelter ahead of time, to make sure they have a good reputation.  The same goes for breeders.  If you’re getting a puppy from a breeder, you want to make sure that the breeder has a spotless record and is fully certified.

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