The Basics Of Owning A Puppy

Major rule number one, about getting a puppy is this: puppies potty.  They go indoors, they go outdoors and everywhere in between.  Get used to it, get over it, it’s their job… They’re are dog.  Some dogs train easier than others, when it comes to not just potty training, but behavioral training in general.  German Shepherds for example, tend to ‘get it’ quicker than some other breeds.  If however, you are going with a larger breed of dog, please make sure that you have plenty of room for the dog, both indoors and out and are prepared to exercise it, walk it and pay higher food bills than you would with a smaller breed of dog.

Seven Little Pieces of Puppy Knowledge

Here are some little tidbits to help you with your knowledge of puppies:

  • Puppies are tiny and they need just a tiny bit of room… At least for starters.
  • It is not cruel to crate train a puppy.
  • You should socialize your puppy with other animals, including dogs.
  • Get to know the breed of your puppy, before you bring it home– research, research, research.
  • Puppies,  just like human babies, need lots of attention, time devoted to them and love.
  • Your little puppy has a great little outlook on life; extremely positive and incredibly patient, for someone so young.
  • You’re going to be taking that puppy to the vet more than once.
  • Puppies, like young children, need stability, repetition, and training.

Your Shopping List for Your Puppy

Make sure that you’ve done all your shopping before the puppy comes home, so that you don’t have to leave them alon,e just run to the store:


  • Hopefully they’ve already been on FrontLine or something comparable to it, so make sure they have their own stock.
  • The previously mentioned crate for at home and one for travel.
  • To discourage your puppy from chewing on things, some breeders recommend Bitter Apple.
  • Try to pick out treats that are healthy and good for their teeth.
  • Every child needs toys – make sure they are puppy safe.
  • Every dog should have a bed of its own.
  • Make sure that you have healthy, highly recommended puppy food.
  • Your pet should be licensed and have an ID tag worn on their collar and never go out without a leash.
  • And of course they need their own little place setting complete with food dish and water bowl.

Whether checking out breeders  or an animal rescue… Do check out the place from which you will be purchasing your pet, well in advance.  Be leery of puppy mills or puppy farms. Always ask for credentials and check online to see if the place from which you are purchasing your puppy has any type of reputation… Good or bad.

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