Will Your Kids And A New Dog Get Along?

What are the chances that your child is going to get along with a new pet?  A lot depends on the child and an awful lot can depend on the pet, as well.  The family dog is a member of the family, in many homes throughout the world.  Some dogs are more working dogs than they are snuggly pets, but regardless of their service, they are cared for and loved by the family… Particularly when kids are involved.

Little Dogs with Little Kids? Maybe Not.

Little dog lovers don’t just like their little dogs, they love their little dogs – like on a Zen level.  And, whether they choose to admit it in public or not, little dogs can tend to be a bit snippy.  They are traditionally a little higher strung than some larger breeds.  That said, people with children should take into consideration the dogs demeanor, because kids can tend to be a little inappropriate around pets, when pet ownership is new for them.  They make fast movements, which dogs don’t particularly trust.  They might tug on the ears and the tail and don’t really realize how rough they’re being with small animals, until it’s too late.  Though large dogs, that have not had the proper upbringing, may not be crazy about that kind of behavior either.  Dogs such as German Shepherds tend to be a bit more docile and accepting of behavior – provided they have been brought up, in an appropriate loving environment.

I Promise I’ll Feed It, and Walk It, and Clean up after It, and….

And as a parent, how many times have you heard that during the begging and pleading process, that usually precedes the obtaining of the family pet?  You would be well served to hold your child to those promises, not just because it means a little less work for you, but because owning a pet is a huge responsibility and your child needs to learn that.  Whether some adults were never raised with that appreciation or simply have forgotten about it, far too many pets end up abandon and in shelters, because of irresponsible or cruel human beings.  Which is also something to consider, when looking for a German Shepherd or other family dog.  Rescuing a dog is a noble action, that will bring both you and the dog happiness and love.  Not all dogs are suitable for adoption into a family with children, so find out as much as you can about the dog, before taking it home to live in a house with children or other pets.  German Shepherds do tend to get along well with both other pets and children, just as a matter of reference.

Whether you get the family dog from a rescue or reputable German shepherd breeders, or go with some other breed of dog, there can be no denying that a child and its dog is a bond that will last for years and years.  And, it’s an important bond at that!

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