What To Know About Owning A Pet


There is no denying that owning and caring for a pet is a huge responsibility.  It is a good way for children to learn what responsibility and having someone else depend on you is all about.  Our family dogs, no matter what breed, depend on us for everything, from love to food to being walked, exercised and let outside, when they need to be.  There are adults that don’t take the responsibility of owning a pet seriously, so teaching children early is an important step, in the upbringing of a child.

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

German Shepherds make some of the best family dogs available.  Small dogs can sometimes get underfoot and get stepped on by smaller children and adults.   Also, smaller dogs don’t always have the right kind of temperament, for the kind of pestering and playfulness  they can receive from young children.  Here are several reasons to make a German Shepherd your breed of choice:

  • With their gentle disposition and demeanor, they are the perfect companion for the elderly or disabled.  Many of them are in fact service dogs.
  • Though they do need space in which to run around, they are equally happy indoors or outdoors.
  • They enjoy the company of people and other dogs and will ordinarily take very little time to adjust to new surroundings.  They will commonly bond with those who are friendliest toward them.
  • Their resounding bark is extremely aggressive to the ears of intruders making these dogs excellent security systems.  Their reaction time is extraordinary and their hearing is extremely sensitive.  So good are they in fact, that they are the top choice for the canine police force.
  • They love going on walks and being played with.
  • Housebreaking and other types of training are easier with German Shepherds than with some other breeds.  Ordinarily they will get along with other house pets.
  • Caring for German shepherds and maintaining their general health is relatively low maintenance.
  • Once bonded to their owners, they will protect them to the death.
  • And, aggressive behavior  is not a problem, with the family children. They will protect the children and are very even-tempered around them.

However, all of these traits depends on the proper breeding.

Dogs Can Be As Different As People

Just as no two human beings are alike, no two dogs are like either.  How a dog is raised has everything to do with how a dog behaves.  There is also a concern for how dogs are bred. Certain puppy farms, for example are the worst place possible, from which to purchase your family dog.  Many times they are raised in filthy conditions and can even be subjected to breeding, within the same family.  This does not apply to every breeder however, but you would be well served, by checking out a breeder ahead of time should you choose to purchase from one.  Ideally, rescuing an animal is an excellent way to help, not only your family, but the animal as well.

There are rescues all over the world and can be found online, even if you want a specific breed.

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